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What is the Difference between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Whatsapp? written by: marvintana At the rate at which social media is growing, it is becoming extremely hard to stay afloat of things. Before you get conversant with one platform, people are already on another. It is time you understood the difference between four of the most popular social networking sites.

Twitter is a social and micro blogging site that allows people to share different forms of content that include short messages known as tweets, videos and pictures, a registered user is able to view and respond to the material and add acquaintances or persons of interest or brands to their list by following them. This way they’re able to see everything that whoever they’re following adds on their handle which is a synonym referring the owner’s account.


Probably the only social media site that is more popular than twitter, Facebook is the most popular and most used social site. With close to three billion users all around the world, Facebook allows its users to add friends to their accounts by sending out friend requests and one send private messages, create groups and post their opinions to their walls. Unlike twitter, Facebook allows you to add friends and also follow those that you might not want to add to your friends’ list. Additionally Facebook, allows friends to comment directly to your posts not to mention it has been found to have a more user friendly interface than Twitter even though the latter is considered more hype.


Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, LinkedIn is a very unique social site that is tailor made for the professionals. It is the ideal place where one can go for contacts hunting for virtually any person with a profession of your interest. LinkedIn not only allows you to create contacts and connect, it also allows the users to make groups depending on things like subjects, issues or even a geographical basis. It’s a great site to find people with similar brains and in the same professional field.


Now this is an entirely different prospect from the other three. As much as it is considered a social site, Whatsapp is really a messaging service that allows people to send texts, short videos and photos to each other over the internet. The best thing is that this runs as long as you have an internet connection which means that you get an alert when someone sends you a text. In simple terms, it is like the sms service only that Whatsapp offers the same through the internet.

By understanding the most renowned social websites currently in the world you are able to better understand why everyone is talking about them and the impact that they have. Basically, all four have the superior ability to connect people who are worlds apart in a simple and convenient manner reason as to why they have become highly revered.